Less than one page Modifications It is same for all jobs. Letterr resume is a brief summary of your skills and experience over one or two pages, a CV is more detailed and can stretch well beyond two pages.

A letter which is attached to or sent with another document i. Size More than two pages.

Difference Between CV and Cover Letter

Often, you differenfe to highlight how you fit that specific job. The term resume is used more for jobs in the private sector and CV is more commonplace when applying for public service positions. Most people assume that the two are one and the same thing, while they are not. The CV covers your education as well as any other accomplishments like publications, awards, honours etc. It can be customized according to the job. What should be written in each? There are a few differences between the two types of application documents and this article will straighten out your queries as well as tell you where in the world you are likely to bdtween which document.

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So, it would be beneficial, if the sender prepares the two documents in such a way that will impress the reader. CV — long, covers your entire career, static Resume — short, no particular format rule, highly customisable. Some companies ask for one or the other, some ask for both. Cover Letter explains why a candidate is most appropriate for the vacancy. It often lists your education, your former jobs, and your areas of expertise.


A CV and a cover letter presents os applicant, before the employer and so it must be properly drafted and written. This could include the following: Any really anything that you feel is necessary. Americans and Canadians would only use a CV when applying for a job abroad or if searching for an academic or research oriented position. It can be changed according to the job.

Josh Davis 3. The format of the CV changes depending upon the person, but experts suggest civer the applicant should list their details in a clear and concise manner.

Let me kick off the bonanza by introducing the contender in the blue corner…. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. In addition to what Joe Strazzere said, your cover letter is your chance to actually address anything that your resume doesn’t.

Difference between CV and Cover Letter

You Might Also Like: Highlight any conflicting things on your resume like if you don’t have a degree, or your past experience is all front-end and the job you are applying for is for back-end, etc.


Your email address will not be published. The application letter responds to the job opening, the prospecting letter inquires about possible openings that may be available in the company and the networking what is the difference between a curriculum vitae and a cover letter requests assistance in job searching.

When applying for a job, what is the difference between a resume anr a cover letter? The jaded folks in HR will accept both types although I would recommend you use the local version.

Therefore, I look for the resources that would explain to me the basic rules about writing cover letters, CVs and creating social media profiles. Avoid asking multiple distinct questions at once.

What is the difference between a cover whhat and a resume? Let me kick off the bonanza by introducing the contender in the blue corner… CV: