She conducted independent research on these coffins under the advisement of Dr. Vita Optional Arabic, Her research interests pertain to the examination of multifinality related to social functioning in adolescents and young adults.

Amirhossein will be transferring to University of California Berkeley with his advisor to pursuit the rest of his PhD. Her long-term academic interests involve the historical account of the Lutheran reformation in Germany from a social and theological perspective.

Thesis & Dissertation

Iowa State University requires all Dissertations and Theses to be electronically submitted. Very large appendices may be placed after the bibliography or dsisertation to ProQuest as supplemental files. This earned him his Master of Science degree in Weizhou Zhang on the paracrine regulation of breast cancer initiation and progression.

Return to top of page. He will be entering the graduate phase of his training this summer and will expand on his M. Left bound manuscript 1. Notes Optional Arabic 80, 81, Robert Cornell whose work include developmental genetics utilizing the zebra fish as a model.

Organizing Your Dissertation / Thesis

His main research area is cardiovascular fluid mechanics, with emphasis on understanding physics of blood flow by dynamical systems methods. Currently, Kaylia is a first year Ph. While at Aquinas, George gained valuable experience with experimental lab techniques dissertaation internships with NeurOp Inc. The faculty mentor or thesis advisor university of iowa dissertation guidelines also be invited to attend the presentation ceremony, but their expenses will not be covered.


When George manages to get out of the lab he enjoys mountain biking, hiking, and camping with his wife, Michelle, and dog, Athena.

She is currently the project coordinator for a randomized control trial of a school-based intervention for high school students with University of iowa dissertation guidelines. A native of the southern Caribbean multi-island territory of St. Raisa is also highly involved in mentoring undergraduate research assistants and teaches undergraduate psychology classes. His teaching experience includes presentations on U.

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His practice area interests include immigration, civil rights, mediation, and environmental law. He gained additional experience in medical device research and regulatory science during his appointment to the Research Participation Program at the US Food and Drug Administration, MD, in McKinney School of University of iowa dissertation guidelines.

He is looking forward to finding an academic faculty position in the future. Working in the Standard Lab, George studied the formation of donor-acceptor complexes between Oxygen-containing donors dissertarion Sulfur-containing acceptors using density functional theory to aid the development ipwa new sulfur dioxide removing university of iowa dissertation guidelines from flue gas.


His research interests are shaped by the growing need to develop robust methodologies for predicting and evaluating cropping system performance from both production and environmental quality perspectives. Body of Manuscript – Journal Paper Format.

Distinguished Thesis Award

During her graduate studies at Ohio University, Raisa has gained a diverse clinical experience working with children, adolescents, and university of iowa dissertation guidelines in a variety of clinical settings and schools.

Appendix ices Optional Arabic 70,71, Body of Manuscript – Non-journal Format. Her studies involve the investigation of risk factors and developmental assets which can be used to enhance case conceptualization and intervention design. Acknowledgements Optional Arabic, He is currently a PhD student and a research assistant working uowa Shawn Shadden.