Cheap and easy, you should definitely try it. I record my AVIs by putting the webcam directly into the focuser, with or without a barlow. See the following document for more detailed information on the Philips warranty. As you can see in the image below, the webcam can capture stars of magnitude 16 in just 15 seconds exposure time. But please, before you ask a question, chances are the same question has been answered before, so it’s a good idea to search the archives on Yahoogroups. As with recording solar system objects, the more frames you stack, the better detail you will be able to capture. I’ve also attached an angle bracket to the side of the camera right image to “tame” the loose cable problem that plagues the ST line of cameras.

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Philips ToUcam Pro II (PCVC-840K)

You’ll also have to make an adapter to fit the camera in your focuser or diagonal mirror. See the following document for more detailed information on toucam pro Philips warranty.

Mouse over image for a view of the ULPA. If you have plenty of aperture then a pfo Lifecam Cinema or Studio might toucam pro the job better.

houcam I know that both of the above webcams are held in high regard-perhaps that’s why even second hand ones are difficult to find. This is just a general reply to all of those who’ve posted replies to my question.

I stumbled toucqm the Astronomy Shed video showing the Toucam pro olar Scope Toucam pro Mod and thought, ‘using a webcam to polar align, rather than grubbing around in the wet grass that’s for me’- my discs aren’t what they used to be, so this seems toucam pro good way to keep the Osteopath at bay!

Toucam pro to the weather i’ve not really tried mine out, had more general luck and toucam pro from my xbox so far. The cams i recommend is xbox cam, also the Ubisoft wii cam Which is basically a Hercules cam which you find in the your shape training game or my fitness coach also playstation eyetoy cam either ps2 or ps3 eyetoy cams toucam pro are also very sensitive to light when removed Pfo Filter.

At first, my images weren’t that great, but with practice they got better and better currently, my primary instrument is a mm chinese refractor. Yahoogroup where the “webcam revolution” started in the first place. The higher the FPS setting, the more compression is used by webcams firmware on single frames which toucam pro in poorer quality images.

Oh, yes, I would toucam pro to personally thank mr. There you can seek help, share your images and discuss everything about unconventional and webcam imaging.

I wrote up how to do the fan mod here: When stacking, you will choose and toucam pro only the sharpest frames and can come up with an at least acceptable result!

And even for a reasonable price, secondhand. If you are after toucam pro kind of quality you get with the SPC toucam pro, I think you are probably stuck with the dedicated imaging cameras such as the DFK for the time being.

Alternatives to Philips TouCam Pro II and SPC – Discussions – Cameras – Stargazers Lounge

The signal planetary detail, or a faint part of a nebula for instance is present in all frames and ;ro stronger by stacking more frames, but the noise is random and eventually toucam pro “overwhelmed” by the signal. And be patient, take it step by step. Although the pixel size toucam pro seem small for deep sky imaging, the CCD is pretty sensitive.

In planetary imaging the touxam have the toucam pro on ordinary digital cameras, even astronomical CCD’s whose images may take toucam pro while to download. Introduction In recent years, webcam imaging has become increasingly popular among amateur astronomers. I’ve just looked at your suggestion on Amazon-a training game with a camera, it didn’t realise such things existed, shows how out of touch I am!

Philips ToUcam Pro Web Cam

toucam pro Posted July toucam pro, This image was recorded on a night of very good seeing by my friend Vid Nikolic and his C8, 2x barlow, and an air cooled ToUcam Pro. Check our forum for answers to questions from consumers who might have toucam pro same questions as you, share your experience and discuss with others. The more frames you stack, the better the final image will be.

Here, experimenting is the key, and with practice you’ll soon be able to make your images sharper with a few clicks of your mouse.

Toucam pro can try and build a peltier cooled version for even longer exposures before noise starts to become a problem.

It is a great program with some neat features. Anyway, I’ll get on with replying to each reply individually. Also, QCUIAG is toucam pro good source of information, so even if you don’t have any major problems, it’s toucm good idea to subscribe and lurk for toucam pro while before jumping in on the train.

To see the details about the SC mod, please visit toucam pro homepage. Webcams work best in our own toucam pro, the solar system.

It may just not be sensitive enough to find Polaris. Jupiter, C8, 2x barlow, 78 frames by Vid Nikolic.