The sudden abnormal changes in the blood flow increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases in the longer run. High esway sound creates unpleasant effects and discomfort to the health especially to the ears. The Indian Penal Code relates to health and safety issues generated by noise pollution.

Essay on Noise Pollution for Children and Students

This act of dumping poisons smothers or coats sea plants and animals and kills them. It causes gradual impairment to the hearing ability over a long period of time. Normal level of sound pollution essay in 100 words sound is necessary to maintain the daily lives however undesired sound or noise 1100 is not tolerated by the people, animals or plants causes noise pollution in the environment. You must be logged in to post a comment. Some of the main sources of the noise pollution are like noise generated by the 1100 traffic, air craft noise, sound pollution essay in 100 words noise, noise generated by the construction of buildings, highways, city poplution, flyovers, etcindustrial noise, noise created in home on daily basis due to electrical home appliances, plumbing, generators, air conditioners, boilers, fans, etcand noise from consumer products like household equipments, kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners, washing machine, mixer, juicer, pressure cooker, TV, mobile, dryer, cooler, etc.

The spread of noise is caused by the industrial and non-industrial sources. The situation gets even worse due to traffic jams that give rise to honking. This reduces the sound sensitivity of the ear which helps in controlling the body.

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In some countries highly populated countries like India, etc poor urban planning also plays vital role in the noise pollution as this planning includes the construction of congested houses having large families in small space causing fight for parking, fights for basic requirements, etc lead to the noise pollution.

For security reasons we do not store any credit card information. High level noise pollution brings irritability in the behavior of many humans, especially in the treatment of patients, elderly and pregnant women. At the higher levels, it may lead to physical soud psychological damage.

General awareness should be increased among people and all the rules should be followed seriously by everyone in order to control the unsafe sound level in the environment. Indoor noise pollution that is mainly caused in the residential areas is due to loud music, humans screaming, domestic dogs barking, etc. This increases noise pollution in our environment. Anyone can be punished under the Trott law.

It also causes headaches and irritability. Our environment is filled with various sounds caused naturally such as thunderstorms, lighting, cyclone, landslides, tornado, volcanic eruptions and animal voices and sounds produced by polljtion water.

In the places like discos, clubs, and restaurants also the noise is created by loud music and people. High level sound produces unpleasant effects and in particular the inconvenience of ear health. It damages the historic buildings, old buildings, bridges etc. When pollutiom noise is extreme above DB for the considerable period sound pollution essay in 100 words time it sound pollution essay in 100 words damage the ear permanently.


Essay on Sound pollution

Understanding strategies, planning and experimenting is the biggest requirement of today’s time to stop noise pollution. Sound pollution has created an urgent need for general awareness about its sources, effects and measures to prevent noise pollution. Conclusion Sound pollution sound pollution essay in 100 words created an urgent need for general awareness about its sources, effects and measures to prevent noise pollution. The construction activities like mining, construction of buildings, bridges, roads, dams, etc.

Essay 7 on sound pollution words Noise pollution Sound pollution sounf industrial or non-industrial actions that affect the health of humans, plants and animals from many dimensions, by creating sounds through different sound sources.


sound pollution essay in 100 words The sound reduction and the factory machinery of oil machinery regulates the noise at the workplace. High volume noises are unnatural and create difficulty in escaping those generated noises.

The noise created from these events is called nuisance as opposed to noise pollution. Frequent bombardment of noise can decrease the problem solving capabilities and memory of a person. Over exposure to noise pollution can lead to loss of hearing temporarily or permanently.