I tried different compatible RAMS and still the same problem. Slide the hard drive down to disconnect it from the motherboard. Apply thermal grease on the top of the CPU. Great step by step tutorial on dissembling. Hi i need help. Rebboted and it did it again a little later.

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Sony Vaio PCG-K45, Fan No Longer Works. – Hardware | DaniWeb

Maybe this heat comes sony vaio pcg k45 the hard drive? Make sure new screen has same sizeresolutionconnector type as your old one! I cannot give you a good advice without looking at the laptop myself. I replaced the battery charging board, reseated the CPU, and applied sony vaio pcg k45 thermal grease to the heatsink. I honestly have no idea how helpful this might be, but I noticed the keys you mention are the ones affected by Num Lock.

Spray it into the grill on the back side of the laptop. Can you make them go away by moving the display?

It seems like imscrewed…. Great step by step tutorial on dissembling. I am just really in need of any help. Laptop is completely un-responsive until I hold down pvg power button to shut it off.

Sony vaio pcg k45, i am assuming at this point it is the hard drive connector on the board… is that possible to replace?

I have stripped one down and thoroughly cleaned the cooling system and re-sealed it to the processor but this had no effect. Could that be the problem or is it a kk45 issue or something else.

Is keyboard replacement the only recommended solution? To get to it, I only removed the keyboard hood, keyboard, and the metal plate below sony vaio pcg k45 keyboard. I had removed the unit holding the wificable.

I have an old vaio PCG-K13 it stoped working suddenly. This is my question.


I will have to apply new grease? STEP 5 Lift up the keyboard and place it upside down on the palm rest so you an access the sony vaio pcg k45 underneath. After installing the recovery CD, parway through, the system prowers down, and after repeated attempts, the problem persists. I have the PCG-K23 model and my wireless switch use to light up when turned on. Cal, I saw in a earlier sony vaio pcg k45 that removing the fan only involves removing the 3 screws on the heatsink.

I wonder if in my case it is only the dust in the fans etc.

Do anyone know what to do to solve this anomaly? Many Thanks Duncan Brown. I guess that the cable I severed was also distributing power to the DVD drive. Sony vaio pcg k45 will take a little bit of force to remove the CPU from its locked socket…. Thank you, very much. Remove one screw securing the bracket.

A must have to repair laptop, tablet and smartphone screens. It works fine on external screen. The machine will not run on battery it is completely dead. I followed this guide as my laptop was overheated and full of dust.

Again, I cannot thank you enough!! I will recover some parts that may be usefull cpu, memory, disk and leave the rest in the dumpster.