You might end up researching not only your direct topic, but related threads of research. Several excellent guides that provide step-by-step rwview are linked in the box on the right.

One increasingly popular source of information is Google Scholar www. Does the author discuss implications for social work practice?

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Citing research studies requires specific considerations. Perhaps a focus on distinct ethnicities or time periods? Though time-consuming, it is generally a satisfying process to search the literature. No discussion social work research literature review writing a literature review is complete without mention of plagiarism.

What are the variables in this study? This social work research literature review will briefly outline key points for you to keep in mind when writing literature reviews for social work.

Qualitative and quantitative approaches. What is the sampling frame? How are they operationally defined? Today, much information is available electronically, and you can obtain literature just about anytime and anywhere. This requires clarifying the purpose Is it to simply overview a broad or specific area of inquiry, or is it expected to be comprehensive or systematic?

Over a million cases of elder abuse were reported to elder abuse hotlines nationally inand the majority of abuse reported was physical author, year; author, year; author, year. It will require you to define and refine your topic, gather basic background information, then search for and locate published books and articles.


What is the population of interest in this study? Are the subjects used in the study representative of the population of interest?

Literature Reviews in Social Work

Were the methods used ethical and sensitive to the inclusion of disenfranchised populations? What is a Literature Review?

Here I want to social work research literature review my experience. Questions that critically assess the research in your review include attention to research design, sampling, data collection, analysis, and conclusions.

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The following illustrates a literture approach to reviewing literature: Please contact the social work research literature review for permission to reproduce or reprint any materials on this site. Increasingly, faculty use services such as TurnItIn www. What gaps remain in the literature? Great gift book for social work graduates! Literature reviews are often done within the context of writing a paper and sometimes done as a mini-assignment, perhaps setting the frame for a broader paper, exposing students to the breadth of information available on a topic area, or demonstrating skills in critical thinking and writing ability.


Plagiarism is a serious offense, and colleges social work research literature review universities have strict policies to deal with it. Of course, in all cases, references to the original source of information social work research literature review be provided. Your literature redearch will explore findings and trends in the research on your topic, and will also scial your commentary on any gaps, bias, and additional areas for exploration.

However, that may depend on your previous knowledge of the area and availability of literature on the topic of interest.

Are the conclusions and implications reasonable, based on the findings of the study? Are these definitions sensible and appropriate?