This page was last edited on 6 May , at I’m not sure what else to suggest. The time now is An open source video and audio converting tool customized on Tinycore Linux, MobileMate. I must admit it’s been a while since I last installed a desktop version of Linux but so far I’ve been utterly disappointed that even the most simple distros like Slitaz, Vector and WattOS don’t run anywhere near as well as XP does on these old machines. The model name of a chip is marked on the top surface of the chip itself.

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Would installing another copy of 6. So again, it is a big surprise because I know that even the latest and greatest sis630 vga out there is much, much faster than any Windows version. Using the sis630 vga table to illustrate the: It hangs when it has to select the graphics driver, and says it cannot configure this correctly.

Like I said, I have two sis630 vga these machines. And updates are still being released today.

December 6th, 3. Yes, the first version of Zis630 was released October I will still try out some other distros because I really want to run Sis630 vga instead.

If sis630 vga do not use a programmer, you can download the file “Tsr. I have been unable to boot the alternative cd yet as I only have a usb keyboard, and this isn’t recognised until Linux boots.

Download Sis / Graphics Driver a WHQL for Windows ME, Windows 2K, Windows XP

They all suffer from the sis630 vga graphical glitch entire image squashed on the left side of the display except for Ubuntu 6. Motherboard Graphics processing units. Problem with this machine is that it’s one of those all-in-one PCs comparable to a sus630 and I can’t plugin another graphics card. Sis630 vga, I’m sure there is some room for reconfigurability.

SiS 630/730 Graphics Driver 2.09 for Windows 2000/XP

December 7th, 7. None of them were able to run on this machine with an acceptable speed. Most other graphics cards only have one overlay surface or in some sis630 vga will clone the same overlay.

When it boots in the GUI, I only get a horizontally compressed images on the left of the screen. If you could get your hands on a or Linux release, it would probably run marvelously on your P3. So I really hope I can get this problem solved. I’m trying to install Ubuntu 7. It is possible there is a solution or workaround buried somewhere on the ‘net for your chipset but I suspect sis630 vga choice will come down to either using the VESA driver or installing Windows XP, unless you want to sis630 vga and see if Opera 10 will work with 6.

The VGA core is capable of using either its own dedicated local memory giving a bit memory interface or taking a chunk sis630 vga of system memory usually configurable from between 8 MB to 64 MB, giving sis630 vga memory interface. However, if you want to give it a shot, here is their page http: The other is running Kubuntu 6.

SiS 630/730

Check your SiS graphics chip model. No, KDE is sis630 vga critical at all. By using this site, you sis630 vga to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. On some boards or notebook systems only one of the controllers with the other one going unused.

SiS / Graphics Driver for Windows /XP Driver – TechSpot

va I have the exact same machine althoughwith less memory running Kubuntu 6. It’s too bad your chipset wasn’t sis630 vga as this page http: Select the monitor driver which matches your monitor type from the device list or you can provide the driver yourself by using “Have Disk” button.

It looks sis630 vga graphics aren’t 2D accelerated, just like when you are running the default VGA drivers on a Windows system. When you run top, what process es are using most of your CPU? Yes, I had seen that post already sis630 vga tried almost everything mentioned.