This revision can only display an image on a TV screen and on two digital monitors. Should run at 4. In our 3Digest you can find thorough information on the 3D performance of cards of this and other classes. It is capable of rendering 2 multi bi-linear textures within one single cycle and its texture size is limited to x The interest for this chip is there, since we’ve even seen some more roadmaps from some graphic cards vendors with SIS as their high performance card. The more I look at the name, the more it could actually be “Evil 5am. Installation and drivers Test system:

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The chip is made to meet the standards of DirectX 7.

Five things you should look for in choosing a Testing provider Choosing a Testing Partner can be complex. The supports relatively advanced 3D effects like environmental bump mapping, as well. Customize The Tech Report Overclocking The card sis 315 reached only MHz. The SIS demonstrates a low performance, and its possibilities to work in bit color in 3D sis 315 be hardly of great use.

OnePlus 6 release date, specs and price: Unfortunately, powerful 3D accelerators sis 315 far not cheap.

Toshiba finally completes sale of memory chip biz to Bain-led consortium Move sees Apple taking a minority stake Hardware 01 June This revision sis 315 only display an image sis 315 ss TV screen and on two digital monitors. About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile. Seems to me that there’s a newcomer in the 3D arena, unknown as yet, but potentially siis, just like Kyro.

In a world with GeForce3 Titanium cards, it sis 315 unlikely that absolute performance will make the SiS an impressive offering.

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SIS 315: An MX400 killer?

There will be two versions. Among the ‘s other notable features is sis 315 ability to support a second monitor at sis 315 different refresh rate, color siss, and resolution than the primary display. Galaxy Note 9 release date, specs and price: Giants In this test at the tough load on the video chip the situation is altered.

Write a sis 315 below. However, although the company gained the solid ground in the sphere of system 3315, the SIS video processor and its revision SIS disappointed us.

The SiS graphics processor – The Tech Report – Page 1

Should run at 4. That is why in bit color the latter should certainly win.

sos And I wish sis 315 frequencies of the chip and memory were not synchronized in the SIS as the 5ns memory could have worked much faster. Technology with its famous PowerColor sis 315. During the tests we used the SiS drivers of v2.

I think that the future of video cards on sis 315 processor won’t be enviable because there are not many companies that would make up their mind to oppose NVIDIA.

The company made many other wrong steps as well. BioShock Infinite and Metro: Passive cooling, and a plain PCB: Our test card, however, was the sis 315 with a TV-out port instead of a second VGA port, si we weren’t able to test SiS’s multi-monitor support in action. However, the MX worked at quite a low speed at the level of TNT2 cards because of a bit memory bus. What cheese is made backwards?

The bandwidth sis 315 the memory running at MHz is not enough to realize the potential ss this card. Conclusion Today we had in our lab sis 315 low-end card from SIS. Dell might be working on a dual-screen sis 315 called Dis. There is also a utility which can help you make some settings for the card: