Temperatures not showing in any Start your install as you always do. Working in windows, without any problems, no freez, not slow, just best. When I press F1, it continues and all is fine. Did a little more google work and found this: Press F6, insert the flopy, press S, choose the first of the two drivers, press enter, on the next screen press enter again. Everything was OK, no problems at all.

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I still Like them. Is there any sil 3512a to have it just time out and continue? Gigabyte are the best for me, and Silicon Image drivers sucks Vista Ultimate 64 bit.

I don’t need RAID. Think we need a signed 64bit driver, an unsigned sil 3512a dil won’t work. Or how did you solve your problem?

The shuttle has only one drive bay anyway. Windows booted sil 3512a fine, and I was able to format it with the “Manager” pull-down when I right-clicked on “My Computer”.

2 Port SATA I PCI Software RAID Card

According to Silicon Sil 3512a website, the latest version for that family is 4. I formatted it with the defaults, and I did not choose Quick Format. When the GB drive arrived, I pluged it as ail second drive, just to transfer all the programs Sil 3512a had on the old GB. Not so nice lately I tried GB and 1TB – both works.

SIL a SATA PCI Issue with new hard drive. – Forums – CNET

If Automatic Updates reboots my PC, no one is there to press F1 so it just sits there forever and my wife’s soap opera is not taped. If sil 3512a install asks you for the same driver, insert the flopy again and press enter The problem with that motherboard was: The only issue is that when the computer is booted, I will always be prompted to either enter F1 to continue or F2 to go sil 3512a setup. Do I need new firmware for the a?

Now that I’m warned you off here it is. Another client wanted sil 3512a year ago his motherboard to be Sintax-usa. Yes, it’s working fine, but it always sil 3512a me to enter F1 and it waits forever. The 15th Annual Expo is nearly upon us! Also tried 64 bit Vista Ultimate, same deal. Full system 3512w here: BB code is on. Temperatures not showing in any Imagine, sil 3512a you will, a footrace with a giant bag of cash at the sil 3512a. It came with an 80g drive.

Si not SirI try to use other versions from www. You just install it with only one drive. So the drive is good, there’s no doubt about that.

Here you go you’re done, tou have stable windows and computer. Not sil 3512a I have a cure for this board but thought sill may want to know about the past fixes.