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It reduces the time needed in the collection process by reducing the mailing time. The longer the period, after which payment is made, the greater is the amount of free financing consequently and the smaller is the amount of cash balances research paper on cash management. But, it also implies that large funds will remain idle, as cash is a non-earning asset and firm will have to forego profits.

But must maintain a minimum amount of operating cash balance so that it does not run out of cash.

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The first form or alternative is more restrictive as the research paper on cash management amount of cash held during the month must be above that minimum balance by the amount of the transaction balance.

The local banks of the firm, at the respective places are authorised to open the box and pick up the remittances i. Thus, the research paper on cash management of multiple collection entries with concentration banking results in a saving of time in both mailing and clearance of customer payments and lead to a reduction in the operating cash requirements. The second determinant of liquidity is that there should be little or no loss in the value of a marketable security over time.

A firm uses a continuous billing system that results in an average receipt of Rs. It enables corporates to utilise their float money gainfully. But the minimum operating cash involves a cost in terms of the earnings foregone from investing it temporarily, that is to say, there is an opportunity cost.


Example, cash payment for purchases, wages, operating expenses, financial charges like interest, taxes, dividends and so on. But if the firm pays its accounts payable before the due date it has no special advantage.

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A cash management scheme, therefore, is research paper on cash management delicate balance between the twin objectives of liquidity and costs.

For example, payroll, that research paper on cash management remuneration to employees who render service in advance and received payment later.

Ready marketability minimises the amount of time required to convert a security into cash. I chose this site for affordable prices and excellent support. According to this model, optimum cash level is that level of cash where the carrying costs and transaction costs are the minimum. Give us a try even if your paper is due tomorrow!

This is possible if a firm adopts a policy of decentralized collections. The need for maintaining cash arises from the non-synchronisation of the inflows and outflows of cash. A bill of exchange is a self-liquidating instrument. We will call you only if there is an urgent question, and your reply is needed to ensure your order is completed within specified deadline.

The draft guarantees payment by the accepting bank at a specific research paper on cash management of cqsh.

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The customers are required to remit payments to the post office lock-box. A very important technique of slow disbursements is float.

Increasing the finished goods turnover through better forecasting of demand and a better planning of production. In other words, it would not have to borrow anything. In a narrow sense, it pxper used broadly to cover currency and generally accepted equivalents of cash, such as cheques, demand drafts and deposits in banks.


If you have already graduated from college or university and are searching for a good job, you need to have a persuasive resume to impress your future employer. It is contemplating the institution of concentration banking instead of current system of centralised billing and collection. But these can be utilized pwper to a limited extent as there are legal constraints beyond which such payments cannot be extended.

During periods when supply of credit is restricted and interest rates are rising, bank require a borrower to maintain research paper on cash management minimum balance in his account as a condition precedent to the grant of loan. A research paper on cash management important feature of this model is that it allows the financial managers to integrate cash management with production and other aspects of the firm.

It refers to short term unsecured promissory note sold by large business firms to raise cash.