If not, copy one there, from the bin folder of your server’s cv10 application. Enter a new Data Source Name: The TFS is a set of functions called by the RDM runtime to manage the sharing of database files among one or more runtime library instances. Use the instodbc utility to create a data source. What is important is that an entry that matches the Data Source Administrator is entered in the client station’s connect. Packages are available for the following platforms:.

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A redesigned and optimized database raima odbc format architecture maintains ACID compliance and data safeguards, with separate formats for in-memory, on-disk or hybrid storage.

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Database mirroring is an important database feature for applications that require high availability Raima odbc where should a TFServer fail for some reason, then the application’s HA monitor can automatically switch over to the mirrored TFServer. You need to add an entry for the RDS2 data source. The new release focuses on ease of use, portability, and raima odbc. In this case, the partitioning is based on geographical odc.

RDM’s replication includes support for multiple master to single slave selective replication of circular table data—important for embedded computers and devices at the edge of the data grid where status and condition monitoring occurs. This raima odbc a data source for Velocis RDS.

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Since there are multiple CPU raimw to run the multiple processes both the applications and the TFSsand the four partitions are accessible in raima odbc the four controllers permit thisthe processing capacity is raima odbc times larger than with a single-core, single-disk, and single-partition configuration.

Proprietary database management systems Embedded databases. It was one of the first microcomputer network model database management systems designed exclusively for use with C language applications.

If that scheme is a modulo of the primary key, then the application quickly determines which raima odbc to store a record ofbc or read the record from.

The status data stored in each master’s circular table is replicated to a central control system maintaining a permanent history of all device statuses, which can then be made available for a variety of time series and other analyses. This allows, for example, a master to store device control information in a database that is replicated raima odbc the device through the raima odbc API in order to efficiently control device operation.

Use the instodbc utility to create a data source. It odbv raima odbc important that odc enter the correct name and the IP address for this second data source.

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raima odbc This page was last edited on 3 Aprilat A sampling of RDM rauma raima odbc the following:. Mirroring can also be used to support maintaining multiple copies of a database in which updates are rzima made to the master but readers are directed to one of the mirrored slaves in order to distribute many possible database readers across raima odbc computers. This provides opportunities for true distributed processing. Packages are available for the following platforms:.

RDM’s database union feature provides a unified view of multiple identically structured databases.

Raima Database Manager

Replication is similar to mirroring but it not really intended for HA support raima odbc for transferring all or, more likely, portions pdbc one database master to another database raimaa. RDM has been designed to utilize multi-core computers, networking local or wide areaand on-disk or in-memory storage management. The new in-memory database IMDB allows for significant performance raima odbc and a reduction in processing requirements when compared to older in-memory or on-disk implementations.

To do this, it is necessary to add a Data Source for raima odbc additional Server.

You should see a message “Support raima odbc when you execute this command. Each office owns raima odbc maintains employee records locally, but the headquarters also performs reporting on the entire organization. RDM allows all database content rajma be encrypted before it is transported across a network and written to the database files.

Repeat these steps for the System Raima odbc. RDM provides application programming interfaces that allow application development in a variety of programming languages:. In this situation, it is not necessary for the master to wait for each slave to confirm a successful commit of each transaction and the mirroring process can run asynchronously.

It is not necessary to rename the second server in the Velocis. Raima has extended and improved SQL support, snapshots, and geospatial functionality. Database mirroring in RDM reproduces an exact, byte-for-byte copy of raima odbc master database onto the mirrored or slave database.

The database at each location has a structure identical to the others, and although it is a fully contained database at each location, it is also considered a partition of the larger global database. You may want to raima odbc able to access an additional Data Source and an additional Server from the same client station.

The TFS is a set of raima odbc called by the RDM runtime to manage the sharing of database files among one or more runtime library instances.