Our goal in quality assurance is to avoid introducing errors in the first place. Count function toops in source to estimate effort The basic metric we use quality control tools case study estimate the size of a conversion project or subproject is to count the conversion function points in the input data, defined as follows: Text, processing instructions, and comments are ignored.

And not only the specific example should be found, but we should review other places where similar behavior is likely to have occured.

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Counting function points in source to estimate effort. Our goal now, in quality control, is to reassure ourselves that we were successful, and to find the errors we no doubt made despite our best efforts. Note that conversion effort is sometimes more closely quality control tools case study to cntrol number of output markup combinations that must be produced than to the number of input markup combinations.

Having all input and all output instantly searchable using XQuery in invaluable. Always program for all content. Charlie has been working with structured text since A wide variety of techniques have been used in an XML data conversion project.

The company was a legal publisher, and this data was the company’s key money-making asset. Qualkty function point count allows us to estimate the programming effort.

The conversion project stretched over multiple years and multiple teams in multiple locations. If searching for provinces, it qaulity a wonderful help to be provided with a short list starting with Alberta and British Columbia. Or, a smaller sample quality control tools case study used to estimate slope, and then this slope is assumed to apply to the fuller data set.


When a suspicion arises, perhaps as quality control tools case study result of an odd word wheel entry or an unexplained mismatch qquality input and output content, it becomes very important that the offending data can be found quickly. During this time, he has acted as a content and systems architect, programmer, systems integrator, consultant, mentor, best-practices coordinator, trainer, book editor, project lead, department manager, and vice president.

Worse, if there were numerical values in a text field, they would sort tolls the top, making themselves all the more obvious. Nonetheless, we acheived good results by preprocessing quality control tools case study input and output files, rescuing some content from markup and duplicated and deleting content as required. In the middle, you would have a sweet spot where you might find repeated errors.

A ranked list would have the most common values at the top: Compare source to target for lost or duplicated content The goal in comparing conversion input to conversion output is to note where we’ve lost or duplicated content. Then we sort runs of text another problem: Just as with modern autocompletion, this list was updated as characters were typed in the search box.

Or so he claims.

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This approach very quickly highlights anomalous data, making it jump out to the human reviewer. Data Analysis and Estimation The first steps to a high-quality conversion project include getting a clear sense of the size of the job, the complexity of the conversion, and variability of the sthdy.


Finally, quality control tools case study use a side-by-side comparison tool to highlight mismatches between the massaged source and target.

Alberta, Alberto, British Columbia. For example, it’s much easier to convert both foreign and pub-title to italic than it is to map italic to either foreign or pub-title depending on other clues.

Objective, repeatable and reliable estimation from our conversion function studt framework.

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As target markup is often not available, slope is more commonly estimated by the number of text-pattern-to-element rows in the specification. Abstract A wide quality control tools case study of techniques have been used in an XML data conversion project. Tangible Benefits Consistent application of these techniques resulted in the following benefits to this project, as well as to other projects undertaken by Tata Consultancy Services: