The two ladies abuse each other loudly. He is an advocate in the High Court. Your email address will not be published.

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I have never seen her losing her temper. Whenever they have to stay away due to urgent work, my neighboyr happily look after me. He has three sons and one daughter.

A neighbour is the one who lives near or next to your house. Rashid is a wealthy businessman. But the poor fellow can do nothing to stop them from quarrelling. neigbour

We are really lucky to have a good family in our instant neighbourhood. Leave a comment and help us to improve Add more points Point out mistakes Your suggestions. She helps others is their problems. My neighbour essay for class 1 children are also very naughty. Join our efforts to encourage creativity Join Now. There is no love lost among the members of this family. Rashid has four children, two sons and two daughters.


January 17, at A bad neighbor makes it unpleasant and unbearable. Editors Rating Originality- Creativity- Imagination. Shirr Rasha Krishnan is my next door neighbors.

Mr Pawar and my neighbour essay for class 1 family celebrate every festival and with the help of contributions he arranges a party for the occasion.

It is advisable to find a good neighbor before finding a good house. He is generous and kind and highly respected by the inhabitants of the locality. They vlass fond of me and treat me like their own daughter.

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Rasha Krishnan is a terror to all the ladies of the street. Shraddha Sunil Jose Status: My neighbour has a lovely garden with lots of flowers like tulips, roses, lillies etc.

His mother and youngster sister also live with him. If anyone falls ill at my home they are the first ones to send for the doctor and arrange for the prescribed medicines. He is a neighgour man with his books and files. She makes claass cookies and cakes.


But they all are co-operative and helpful. Your email address will not be published.

His parents also live with him. Download 26 Educational Android Apps. The eldest son helps him with the family business, the second son is of my age and studies in English medium school. He is co-operative, helpful and sympathetic.