No ratings or reviews yet. The Thunderpad is new from the ground up. The sticks are nice, if a little loose, the main buttons are fast and comfortable, and the triggers have a nice amount of resistance. I wasn’t crazy about the D-pad, but all told it works well. One of the newer controllers is the Thunderpad for Xbox.

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This one is a completely new design for the logitech thunderpad. This item doesn’t belong on this page. No ratings or reviews yet. I hate this thunferpad. Firstly, they are securely set in the body of the pad. ThunderPad logitech thunderpad four action and two turbo buttons for high-speed moves and firing.

In fact, I can depress all six of them easily with one thumb. The item may be missing the original packaging such as the original logitech thunderpad or bag or logitech thunderpad or in the original packaging but not sealed. The sticks are nice, loyitech a little loose, the main buttons are fast and comfortable, and the triggers have a nice amount of resistance. They were comfy enough, but were loose and poorly mounted.

Sound like a good combination? Sony DualShock 3 Gamepad thundderpad Technical Features Number of Buttons. The triggers are well set and have almost perfect resistance, but the travel is a bit short for my logitech thunderpad.

Logitech Thunderpad Digital X2 (963160-0600) Gamepad

Be the first olgitech write a review. Logitech’s Thunderpad technology provides logitech thunderpad response and control. I admit that it took some getting used to, but after an hour or so I was hitting these buttons accurately and grew accustomed to the short reach.

If you like dramatic rumble effects, then this is not for you. It is also extremely comfortable. logitech thunderpad

Enlarge the above pic and you logitech thunderpad notice that this D-pad is almost flat. The theme of compactness is all over the Thunderpad. About this product Product Description Gain greater control over your logitech thunderpad capabilities with Logitech’s ThunderPad gaming system. I often find this in Logitech controllers. Logitech Thunderpad Gamepad Be the first to write a review. The Thunderpad, however, is a completely new model. This calibration combined with the solid setting means that they offer accurate control throughout their ranges.

They logitech thunderpad flat-topped, have a medium travel distance, and are very logitceh. Logitech Thunderpad Digital X2 Gamepad. Logitech Thunderpad Gamepad. The only real problem I see for this layout is for people who use their fingertips in fighting games.

ThunderPad – Logitech Support

The pad looks much bigger than logitech thunderpad Controller Logitech thunderpad in pictures, thynderpad that is largely due to the mass in the center of the pad. Your thumb moves much too easily. And you customize the ThunderPad button functions to react differently to different games. They are mounted somewhat loosely, but the upward and downward travel is still easy to track.

For some reason Logitech stumbled over the analog sticks for the new PS2 pads. The D-pad is also mounted in the old “one big button” manner, meaning that you can push the whole thing inward quite logitech thunderpad.