At least for the first refill, I have not found it necessary to empty the spent toner tank, which is a considerable nuisance. Note that most vacuum bags won’t stop all the toner dust and you are probably best either doing the vacuuming outside with a face mask or putting the vacuum outside and snaking the hose in through a mostly closed door. Below is a list of some of them I have acquired. Once the fuser station is out, in order to remove the roller, you need to remove a number of parts from either end and carefully remove the long glass heater lamp which is located inside the Teflon coated roller. The LaserJet 4L marked the transition between a control panel evolved for an informed operator and one evolved for a casual user. Sometimes you have to take them apart again and clean the corona wire more and vacuum toner spilling out of the developer side.

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One other thing to consider is the ozone filter. It consists of common laserjet ii and simplified explanations of how to fix them. With the drum removed, you laserjet ii be able to pull the halves of the cartridge apart and see the wiper blade and cellophane strip. Try to avoid touching it with your fingers. This article needs additional citations for verification.

HP LaserJet II Toner Cartridges and Drum

IT believe the tool is also available elsewhere, but you will have to rummage around to find a supplier. Hewlett-Packard LaserJet printer, “.

This outer shell laserjet ii held on by four friction-fit plug pins and a plastic bracket around the area where the pull-out strip exits. laserjet ii

Laderjet enter Laserjet Cartridge in any search engine or you will never find what you want amidst the thousands of Spam listings for rebuilt cartridges. Once the fuser station is out, in order to remove laserjet ii roller, you need to remove a laserjet ii of parts from either end and carefully remove laserjet ii long glass heater lamp which is located inside laserjeh Teflon coated roller.

The tape usually then pulls off with the screwdriver blade.

HP LaserJet II Mono Laser Printer

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Clay from the paper coats them and makes them slip. For example, the LaserJet printer has newer, smaller, and more energy-efficient technology than the LaserJet The fuser station is at laserjet ii rear of the engine and the last stage for the paper before exit.

There are a couple different types of toner, although today you are laserjet ii likely to find the normal type. It also works to magnetize the tip of the long screwdriver. After 7 years has passed since a model has been discontinued, manufacturers laserjet ii no longer obligated to produce new parts to repair printers.

This makes a miserable job easy, and preserves the pins in as-new condition. It’s unlikely that you will then have to replace it sooner than several years from now, unless you are using the printer extensively. The ozone filter is a perforated charcoal block which filters the exhaust air laserjey limit ozone emissions into your work area.

Ij indicator on the Form Feed button illuminates when there is received data in the printer’s buffer; this makes it laserjet ii easier to predict what will happen if laserjet ii printer laserjet ii put online and a new job is sent to it, or if sending of a job in progress is resumed.

Remove the corona wire assembly. II’s and some III’s have the early style. After removing the upper shell, analyze the laserket and you will see laserjet ii white plastic push-in plug cap where the toner tank is located. Laserjet ii from ” iii Here is where things get interesting. A pack of Q-tips and a bottle of alcohol is also helpful. Laserjet ii display was adapted to a blue-backlit two-line LCD display.

HP LaserJet II Toner Cartridges and Drum

The parts sources I have used have not offered the cellophane strip. This pad normally gets replaced every time the laserjet ii cartridge is changed.

Acquisitions HP spying scandal Products Mission: Printer Works has part numbers and diagrams of the different filter styles. Retrieved 15 December If you don’t have a funnel that fits, a clean piece of paper can be laserjet ii up laserjet ii taped into a funnel shape.