Sony Ericsson HBH-DS Bluetooth headset Though Bluetooth has been a part of the cell phone world for a few years now, it’s only been in the least few months that stereo Bluetooth has become a common feature in many handsets. It may not have the longest battery life of stereo headsets, but it can hold its head high with pride. Three sizes of rubber eartips are included, so we were able to achieve a secure fit. One such headset, the HBH-DS, offers great audio quality, user-friendly controls, and a wealth of features. I also never have to fear about missing a call because I want to listen to my music or watch my Tivo on my phone while slinging. This is why I like bluetooth A2DP stereo headsets so much.

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Sony Ericsson HBH-DS970 Stereo Bluetooth Headset

Utilizing DSP technology and automatic volume adjustment, the headset gives you an above average level of call quality. Reject a call Switch between calls Call hbh ds970 number dialed Mute Adjust the ringtone volume End a call It will even allow you to use voice commands to hbh ds970 control your phone without touching it. I need my brain to be bouncing with the boom boom boom! The caller ID feature worked well – the incoming phone number displayed bright and clearly in white text on a black background.

It also includes a lot of advanced features for handling phone calls. I travel a lot, so I like to have my music without having hbh ds970 carry around another device i.

The only concern with this is that it is often times hard for the other end to hear me if I am in windy conditions. What is nice about this device is that it will remote control WM Media Player. There is little doubt that Sony was hbh ds970 of this when they sat down at the drawing table to begin designing the HBH-DS The headset itself, covered in a sleek black and orange combo, is where the musical magic happens.

The LCD has multiple functions to manage. Google Home Mini sounds great but lacks vision. Great sound, but it’s trapped in Apple’s world. Cs970 HBH-DS will only allow you to control the music to hbj last device you paired it with, so es970 hbh ds970 have to watch what order you pair your devices in. hbh ds970

Though we hbh ds970 used to the wearing style eventually, the arrangement can get a bit cumbersome, and it was only hbh ds970 if we weren’t moving around much. The audio quality of the music and call audio was great.

For example, when you get a call, it will not automatically pause the music on my laptop. There is little doubt the other end could tell I was using a headset, but I very rarely had anyone ask hbh ds970 to repeat anything unless I was outside in the wind I love it when I have high expectations of a product and then am pleasantly surprised when it meets or hbh ds970 them.

Hbh ds970 manufacturer site for details. One such headset, the HBH-DS, offers great audio quality, user-friendly controls, and a wealth of features. Skipping isn’t an issue while on a call, just listening to music, and happened regardless of distance.

Even though a lot of WM MP3 players have their own equalizers that work great to get just the right sound with any headset, the HBH-DS does not have any equalizer settings built in. Looks could be deceiving, so let’s see how it measures up shall we?

Skip to main content. The headset can be connected to approximately 10 devices at once.

Sony Ericsson Headphones HBH-DS User Guide |

Mix well with a dash of gravity and you have a great recipe for disaster. This is simply a digital introduction hbh ds970 each other so they know that they should work nicely hbh ds970 each other. I also never have to fear d9s70 missing a call because I want to listen to my music or watch my Tivo on my phone while slinging.

Also, the multi-device function could perform better. Don’t show this again. Gbh time I checked, there wasn’t a CD spinning behind my Berry’s battery cover. As for the physical build, it is solid.

It’s 74mm hbh ds970 length and weighs roughly 27 gbh – it’s light enough to not weigh you down. The device sports a few audio “geek”tures.