Sensing or evaluating B.

FEMA IS Answers

A definition of the scope of the issue. Conflicting political agendas B. To obtain buy-in from stakeholders B. Pressure toward conformity D.

Thinking or feeling D. Everyone supports the decision. Amount of donated goods B.

FEMA Independent Study Program: ISB, Decision Making and Problem Solving

Extraversion or introversion 7. The intuition function asks which question when making a decision? Every group member’s view is considered. To establish line of responsibility D. One cause of ‘groupthink’ is: Judging or perceiving C.

Your organization’s reputation 4. Ethics includes all of the following concepts except: Which is an attribute of an effective decision maker who knows their own abilities, biases, and limitations? Which is an attribute of an effective solvimg maker who assumes responsibility for beginning the decision-making process and seeing it through?

People take in information by: Lack of information In the dceision profile you took online, which is one set of functions considered for decision-making style? The bias in the thinking function is toward: The critical first outcome in the problem-solving process is: These decision makers must weigh factors particular to the situation A.


An action plan D.

The third step in the problem-solving model is: An effective outcome D. Forcing parties in a conflict to relinquish authority D.

Sticking to your own dominant decision-making style 5. The public’s trust in local government C. Everyone feels that he or she was listened to.

Thinking or feeling B. Step 5, Evaluate the Situation, involves which makimg of the following sub-steps? Respect for others B. A clearly identified problem statement.