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Organizations cannot take risk for their respective employees because an occurrence of a negative event would tarnish the credibility of an organization. Encourage managers to have an understanding attitude. Since the causes of workplace stress vary greatly, so do the strategies to reduce or prevent it.

The success and growth of the organization depend on the effectiveness and efficiency of the human resources. Organizations should own this perspective and they should realize the fact that it is their managerial responsibility to focus on this perspective so that employees can remain safe. Every worker is an individual with their contrll and personal lives bringing different factors that may influence their reactions to conditions in the workplace. Professional Safety58 11 Purpose of Workplace safety The primary objective of safety in the workplace is to create a safe, healthy, and risk-free environment for all workers.

Essay on manage stress at workplace and control hazards can save a considerable amount of costs by creating and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all workers.

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However, the managers cannot uphold efficiency and effectiveness in the absence of a safe workplace. Feelings of unfairness magnify the effects of perceived stress on health lack of support such as family-friendly policies, employee assistance programs, etc.

Accidents, disasters, essay on manage stress at workplace and control hazards mishaps can also occur in the workplace and affect several employees in the absence of precautions and safety procedures. It can impact on both employees and employers alike. The primary objective of safety in the workplace is to create a safe, healthy, and risk-free environment for all workers. In general, the following job design guidelines will help minimize or control workplace stress: When under a lot of stress, some may find it hard to concentrate, make decisions, and feel confident.


Organizations should make sure that everyone else in the workplace is aware of the core problem. The CCSA promotes informed debate on substance abuse issues, and disseminates information on the nature, and assists organizations involved in substance abuse treatment, prevention and educational programming. Feelings of negative stress usually increase when people believe essay on manage stress at workplace and control hazards demands of a situation are greater contril their ability to deal with it.

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Workplace Stress – General

We have to work through our problems and find constructive solutions. The Occupational and Safety Health Act OSHA necessitates workplcae dissemination of standards, rules, and regulations relevant to the safety and health of workers. Today most of our problems cannot be solved with a fight or flight response. Introduction Corporations in the current era focus on the development of employees and they believed in the ideology of benefiting employees etress different approaches.


However, in some cases, the origin of the stress is something that cannot be changed immediately.

Perceptions of safety, physical working conditions and stress between Malaysia and United Kingdom. When a negative event occurs in an organization, it sets up the mindset of an employee.

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Be proactive by looking for signs of stress among their staff. The unsafe or hazardous working conditions have several long-term psychological and physiological consequences for the workers and the organizations. Do not forget that elements of the workplace itself can be a cause of stress. Be clear about job expectations. They should take proactive measures earlier through which people can benefit from these perspectives.

Corporations cannot achieve long-term success and sustainable growth in the absence of motivated, safe, healthy, and effective workers. Emerging Workplace Health and Safety Issues.

Some stress is expected and can be a positive force in our lives.