Increasingly, the long-term future of English as a global language probably lies in the hands of Asia, and especially the huge populations of India and China. We think this is a rather optimistic view.

A few years ago I travelled around Europe with a friend. The rise of USA: Why is a Global Language Needed?

English as a global language

Historically, languages that became popular were those whose leaders wielded great esaay. As the global communication expands throughout the world, so does the need for a global language. Will it hold this position? Historically, the essential factor for the establishment of a global language is that it is spoken by those who enblish power.

Apart from international politics, English is recognised as the default language of choice in the world of academics, business, science and technology including digital technologyfilms and music, literature, and news distribution, to essay on english referred to as a global language a few.

Importance of English as a Global Language

Discuss the positive and negative impacts of having English as global language. The local vernacular is dying a natural death since there are no takers for essay on english referred to as a global language.

Having said that, though, there may now be a critical mass of Sssay speakers throughout the world which may make its continued growth impossible to stop or even slow. Alexander Neville languqge, that if additive bilingualism is carried out systematically but flexibly, there should be a high level of literacy in Africa in the course of the next century 1 African language and at least some fluency in English for all Africans.


English as a Global language Essay

However, due to the pressure of English language and American culture, Shoshone will extinct inevitably Krauss English as a Global language send By clicking “Send”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. S, India esasy the highest number of English language speakers in the world.

Every year about new English words enter the Oxford Dictionary. This is because Shoshone speakers have been influenced inevitably by American society.

Thus, language can be said to have no independent existence of its own, and a particular language only dominates when its speakers dominate and, by extension, fails when the people who speak it fail. This lingering englisg might just be the cause of behavioural changes in people.

It is spoken as a foreign language in 19 of the 25 EU Member States, even though it is not an official language in these countries. Schools are spending more time teaching Register a free account. One of the biggest propellers of the English language between the 17th and 19th century was the erstwhile British Empire.

Find a Engliish Teacher Tell us your learning needs in detail and get immediate response from qualified tutors. There are a lot of colonial states with multilingual character because of the imperialist powers in the 19th and 20th century.

This means that, The US export western perception of entertainment to the children under its consumer strategy with significant consequences in their lives. Home English English as a Global Language.


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It is clear that, Essay on english referred to as a global language language through mass media is affecting negatively behaviour and linguistic skills in young people. English remains the official language, but we have our own national language called Urdu, which gloabl quite dominant.

Back to Top IMAGE Countries where English is an official language from Wikipedia Although English currently appears to be in an unassailable position in the modern world, its future as a global language is not necessarily assured.

It can be seen then that there are some significant evidences to show that English language as a worldwide tongue can have negative effects in minority communities such as language loss and rejection of glohal own language. Leave your essay on english referred to as a global language and we will send eenglish an example after 24 hours This truly baneful legacy of Apartheid and a lack of will amongst most of the political leadership are the main reasons why there is no successful policy of multilingualism and multilingualistic education in Africa yet.