Autumn 23 October 0. Nuit Blanche takes place on samedi 3 octobre. At June 21 st the Day of Music is held across the country. Sign up for our mailing list.

Seasons Spring Summer Autumn Winter. The weather will be slightly warmer in the south ProvenceLanguedoc and Corsica and cooler in the languagee Paris Basin and Alsace. June 23 even-numbered years: Spring is the time when Brittany is covered by blooming broom and gorse flowers and swamps and dried essay on autumn season in french language lakes of Provence are filled with voices of thousands of different birds. In order to understand how beautiful French land at any time of year, you need to visit a provinces with abundant languae landscapes and places of unspoiled nature.

Months and seasons in French

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In September and October, les vendanges — the grape harvest —is celebrated in various ways all throughout France. The main harvest time in France also occurs in the autumn. Noteworthy that despite the urbanization processes fauna of France is preserved essay on autumn season in french language better than in neighboring countries. Alps 15 October 0. At this time of year rivers overflow their banks, chestnuts blooms and towns and villages are surrounded frencb fragrance.


The owners of the chateaus in the south of France start to pruning vines.

Months and seasons

This is the time when the French return from their holidays and many tourists conversely rush to the Cote d’Azur in eager not to miss the velvet season. Traditionally, it was a vin ordinaire a simple table wine drank in Beaujolais to celebrate the end of les vendanges. In early September, the situation reverses.

Although the last month of the year, December is often thought to be part of Winter because cold and snow occur throughout the country. Autumn 5 October 2.

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Autumn 25 October 0. Autumn 9 November 0. Therefore Frenchman needs umbrella much more than a sled or a warm jacket. There are lots of trout in rivers and lakes of France and the Bay iin Biscay is the pace of industrial fishing of sardines, herring, flounder, shrimp and lobster.

The auumn store has done a great work…. Wine Festival in Bordeaux. International Women Day March In the period between June and August weather is very warm throughout the country.


First weekend of May: For meteorologists and many French people, Autumn runs from approximately 1 September to the end of November. Autumn in France marks the end of the long Summer break and the start of a transitional season towards Winter.

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Every year, on the third Thursday of November at precisely one minute after midnight, the nationwide celebration of Beaujolais Nouveau wine begins.