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On the other hand, corruption and embezzlement are in full swing now. But there is no jobs and employment for them and they are being underutilized. First of all, I would ponder over your outline. Tuesday, February 11, In third world countries, elections result in chaos, enmities, and scuffles eszay to murders, besides entailing economic perils.

We have now come to a stage where such difference of opinion usually earns you a place in a guinea bag. The future of democracy may be doubtful but it not at an end yet. Independence of judiciary 4. Government lacks the requisite economic resources for public uplift.

He tweets ZulfiRao and can be reached at Zulfirao yahoo. Supreme Court of Pakistan could not declare null and void the first illegal dissolution of the National Assembly by the then Governor General.

Democracy is good, I say this because all other systems are worse — Jawaharlal Nehru. Its afflictions essay future of democracy in pakistan pervasive and engulfing the peace and prosperity of the nation. It has not only marred the true spirit of democracy, but it is also a huge impediment to the development of democratic institutions and values in the country Quite hand in hand with the dynastic political system, the undemocratic behaviour of the politicians is also responsible for weak evolution of democratic values in the country.


Common men tend to dislike the political personalities. All three are the target of those who feel threatened by these democratic values.

In such a way, all essay future of democracy in pakistan state departments and institutions have been failed from bottom to top. Pakisgan have no concern for the interests of common masses but power. Then came a ten years fad of the so-called democracy. Politicians, officers, businessmen, influential people such as land lords, khans, waderas, nawabs and sardars prove a stumbling block in way to impartial and due justice.

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These have to establish their roots at gross root level and develop them like democrxcy open to public. This all will create an environment quite conducive to the greit of democracy. Since its very inception, Pakistan has been suffering from the disease of feudalism. Democracy has its origins in Ancient Greece.

If it happens it would bring prosperity that strengthens the democratic foundations of the country. It would be quite appropriate democrach take into account these trends in order to have a better view of the scenario. Conclusion having critical analysis of the present condition of the political process.

So as explained above being subservient to the will of the leader of the house this collective opinion can easily be essay future of democracy in pakistan order and by no means a consensus. But this does no imply there is no room for improvement. Leadership provides new direction to society and led them to the destination.


Why Pakistanis lost faith in democracy?

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These initial problems of Pakistan gave him little time to focus his attention on democratic and constitutional development of newly born state. Patience is another name for democracy. Zardari 22 Jun Accountability for all: Where it is permanent threat hanging over the government on one hand, it encourages the undemocratic forces to destabilize democracy on the other hand.

Strengthing of political parties and political culture 2.