An Interactive Arts Approach: How do I put a reference to the Mayflower Compact in my essay?

If you xn to respond to another reader’s question or comment, please click its corresponding “REPLY” button. What about the different sections of the policy?

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It can be very deflating to find out that a rule that we had once studied hard to learn is no longer valid. October 27,at Does a theme for a church program unferline in quotation marks? What would you suggest for musical works that are songg, for example: I, myself came from a much different set of rules including proper grammar and speech, so it irritates me when they respond in such a manner.

December 20,at Enable JavaScript Uh oh! I think I will consult your website another time. For a good example of how an author chose a mixture of quotation marks and italics, see our blog Word Nerds: According to a kidshealth.

Italics and Titles

I feel that only the material which is actually being quoted should go inside and this rule has always, always annoyed me. Here is the sentence causing me grief: As the post states, titles of plays are usually italicized. June 2,at 6: Do all of these rules apply to only books or eszay they apply to screenplays as well?


January 6,at 3: For example, what would be correct if you were to type the following sentence? Do you know how webinar titles should be formatted? Receive an email confirmation of your submission.

Italicize titles of books, movies, plays, TV shows, newspapers, magazines, websites, music albums, operas, musical theater, paintings, sculptures, and other works of art. December 21,at 6: There is one standard exception to the U.

September 7,at 5: I simply cannot wrap my senses around placing the end-of sentence punctuation within a quote, if the quote appears at the end of the sentence.

Hi, if i want to quote a sentence for son evidence and the author underlined a word in that sentence, then do I have to underline that word when I quote also?

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Formatting titles gives some writers a headache. Thanks so much for all of the great detail here! You should be able to use italics if you are using a computer. I am percent in agreement with you.


Underlined or Italics Plays: Did you enjoy the book Sheila the Great? I have done editing for both British and American publications, and I go by their respective rules. Of course, lots more media have titles than underlije songs and albums.