Slide 22 and Slide 24 Description: Last class we learned about the carbon cycle What is a biogeochemical cycle? Her research revealed the following map: Slide19 and Slide 21 —Left Description: Sources of Water Pollution Water pollution results from some physical or chemical change that adversely affects human health or the health.

Nutrient Management Case Studies

Slide 10 and Slide 11 Description: Phytoplankton are csae organisms that photosynthesize just like our food crops. Turner, Louisiana State University Funded by: Explain this in terms of the case study. Make a prediction on what you think might be the reason why shrimp have disappeared from local waters?

The less dense freshwater will float on top of the more dense saltwater. Zones of Oxygen Depletion.

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Rising water temperatures caused by climate change have made the habitat inhospitable to shrimp. Wikimedia Commons, although originally posted to Flickr.

Illustration of the nitrogen cycle. The decomposers also grow and multiply. While searching for an explanation, Susan learns about the nitrogen cycle as well as interactions between species, the abiotic and biotic environment, and multiple ecosystems terrestrial and aquatic.


A hatchery on a shrimp farm in South Korea. Then why does Captain Joe buy shrimp from Thailand? Experimental Kexico and Sampling Chapter 1. Hurricane Katrina destroyed all the shrimp and their habitat.

To be able to illustrate the hydrologic cycle. The biggest source of nitrates is the area farthest from the Gulf of Mexico. Downloadable data and files: What does figure 4 tell you about the runoff in the Mississippi River basin over time? About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service.

The Gulf of Mexico’s Dead Zone – ppt download

Interior watersheds of the Mississippi River Basin. Jump to main content.

She was amazed that farmers in the Midwest might be to blame for the lack of shrimp in the water off the Louisiana coast. Ron Chapple Studios Source: Nitrogen inputs and population gluf The less dense freshwater will float on top of the more dense saltwater. Make a sketch of the Nitrogen Cycle found on p.


Which hypothesis does the previous graph NOT support? The zone of low oxygen levels is called a hypoxic or dead zone. Who should be responsible for fixing the problem, and what actions should they take?