Starting with a bottom-line figure, and massaging the numbers to make them fit that bottom-line.

How to Make Money on YouTube 6 days ago 0. Are there certain details in the production that your target market would expect to see? Obviously, self-distribution is not easy.

Next, start to answer the questions your investors might have. Saturday 8th September, 10am – 5pm. I’m an artiste’, not a business person. Business plan for indie film type of information typically found in sales projections include: It is a junior debt capital for a portion of the film’s budget against future revenue projections.

The first is plab you will scare away investors if you ask for too much up front, almost without fail indle can tell if you are asking for more than it seems like you need. Add a business plan for indie film Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The Essential Guide to Depth of Field 3 hours ago 0.

Stay focused and get your foor business plan nailed down as a matter of priority. You just pick and choose which sections are right for your project and customize them based on your distribution strategy. The budget must reflect what the project should cost to make, not what you want it to cost.

Start with certain festivals.

The bargain of my career! Telephone Email Other Request. When will production happen?

Writing a Film Business Plan: What Should I Include?

Here we emphasize how crucial the distribution strategy is to any type of film. In Business plan for indie film York, for example, it may take months to receive a tax rebate. This will be a key step in determining if your production company business plan is sustainable. Business plan for indie film you have a script, you may want to do a preliminary script breakdown and use that to generate a stripboard and schedule.


The producer can promise repayment from the domestic USA and Canada release and from unsold foreign territories and soft money not covered by production loans. In either case, the next step is formulating the business plan that will get you where you want to go.

Nevertheless, the key to properly structuring documents that describe the investment opportunity is that all iindie information is true, accurate and sufficient to help the investor to completely understand the risks involved with an investment in the film industry. Production counsel will draft or business plan for indie film contracts and advise you in both the creative and indi business aspects of development, production, content licensing, distribution and ancillary exploitation transactions.

This expense must be separately identified in the budget since this reflects the cash needs of the project and any additional royalties and residuals that will be paid to the deferred income participants. As a result, you need a section where you lay out the cash flow for the production house business plan.


It’ll be much harder for you to sustain success if you ask for big upfront funding that you aren’t sure you can earn back plus profit. Think about your target market when creating this video production business plan.

Whether you define your release strategy in an outline, a paragraph or business plan for indie film, or a flow chart, make sure you put it down on the page so it can be communicated.

While no money changes hands, the films budget will be lowered by the amount that would have otherwise been spent on such items. The business plan template is fully customizable to suit most any indie film project.

Film Business Plan

There was a perfect role in the film for an old legend – an actor in his 80s or 90s. What audience group is most likely to show interest in this film? You businese take a moment and give a quick glance at a film production company business plan sample or two to get business plan for indie film feel for it.