The process with Alienware went extremely smooth and there customer support was great. To get even more life, Alienware offers a 6-cell Smart Bay secondary battery for the m15x, which extends the life another two hours according to forum members. Alienware Area 51 M15X Source: The practical test of the first single player mission with a resolution of x , anti-aliasing deactivated , other settings on default, resulted in frame rates between 50 and 90 fps. PC World The only potential downer here, besides the laptop’s price, is that all of the LED lighting that helps you customize your machine also makes the top of the display feel a little flimsy. Although we wished for a bit more sonority and more bass for music replay, the sound quality is sufficient. The laser engraved aluminum plate at the bottom of the notebook lets the user further personalise his or her m15x.

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Alienware Area m15x Specs – CNET

However, it is easy to see where the touchpad ends because there its boundary is marked by LED backlighting running around the edges courtesy of AlienFX. I find the lighting system to alienware m15x-r1 most impressive on the m15x, both in the way it looks and how well it has been implemented. There naturally are downsides to this alienware m15x-r1 — the alieenware flexes some on the right side, the screen alienware m15x-r1 a bit wobbly, the fans alienware m15x-r1 louder than a typical notebook at full load, the speakers are unimpressive, and it costs a lot.

There is one downside to this keyboard, and that is the noticeable flex on the bottom right-side near the arrow keys. This weight is representative for typical laptops with a inch display-diagonal.

Review Alienware Area-51 m15x Gaming Notebook

This notebook is absolutely the best m15xr1 and performing notebook ever conceived by man. While gaming, the fans are without a doubt audible but have no alienware m15x-r1 sounds and are not annoying. The SmartBay slot could also be equipped with alienware m15x-r1 optical drive, like for example a Blu-Ray drive. The m15x has also various integrated communication modules.

The case heats up accordingly. It can score almost alienware m15x-r1, points in 3DMark06 yet get almost three hours of battery life with the alienware m15x-r1 battery. M15x owners in our Alienware forum have been reporting between four and five alienware m15x-r1 of life with it installed. The only real beefs we have are with the speakers and soft-touch controls, which are difficult to use.

Alirnware the X is in use, the dedicated graphics card is turned off and the notebook uses far less power.

This is truely an amazing laptop. The machine has a soft feel to it and definitely should alienware m15x-r1 be treated roughly; during my time with the system, the glossy plastic remained scratch-free.

I did not have any issues with Vista Home Premium on n15x-r1 test unit; all of the alienware m15x-r1 software including the Alienware Command Center and Nero worked without issues. The m15x-R1 sports the trademark Alienware skull on its lid.

Further back is a HDMI portalienware m15x-r1 allows a full digital transfer of image and video data.

Alienware came out with a fix shortly after customers started reporting problems. The main reason is the alinware Core 2 Extreme processor, which is fully utilised in this test.

The m15x has a large, functional touchpad with an attractive design. The plastic parts m15x-d1 convey high qualityneither regarding feel of the surface nor stabilityalienware m15x-r1 to mention the constant creaking noises when handling the notebook. Alternatively, AlienFX can be turned off. Considering it is a compact notebook, alienware m15x-r1 can be carried around, those problems are rather serious. At idle, the m15x is lukewarm though the bottom is toasty — this is not alienware m15x-r1 machine to alienware m15x-r1 on a lap.

Battery life of the Area m15x is impressive due to the optional integrated graphics: The volume slider is difficult to use at best, and all of the touch controls require a lot of pressure. We also had to clear our throat on closer inspection of alienware m15x-r1 case, which makes a compact and robust impression at first due to the design, but clearly disappoints in the actual test.

Alienware Area 51 M15x R1 Laptop Computer

Techradar Alienware has long been recognised as a premium brand for gaming enthusiasts, especially for desktop PCs, but its history with gaming laptops has been less impressive. Bringing VR out of office and study spaces will serve to help it attract the new audiences it needs to continue growing. After that comes an USB 2. After any alienware m15x-r1 of use, the unit becomes warm, and while playing games the alienware m15x-r1 rises even higher.

The single microphone port, built-in array microphones and one optical audio-out port facilitate sound; a 2-megapixel webcam can be used for online rendezvous.

And alienware m15x-r1 us not forget about the looks — they do not appeal to everyone of course, but anyone can admit the m15x is like nothing else.